My Writing Story

Freelance writing at home with George the dog

I write course curriculum, supplementary learning material, and content that explores learning and educational technology for publishers, e-learning providers, and the learning technology industry.

Before this, I was already writing online for almost twenty years, covering a wide breadth of niches: e-commerce, e-retail, financial services, and home services.

But one of my first loves is learning, which I believe we should never stop doing, so that’s now my focus.

My approach is unique because my background is unique:

creative writing + business + technology + education.

So, how did I get to this “unique” place?

As with any story, there have been some unexpected plot twists.

I started out in accounting before going back to school full-time to get a degree in English. In university, I got my first taste of the online world, back when it was still pretty new, so after my degree I pursued a post-graduate diploma in Information Technology. The combination of the two gave me a jump-start into writing for business and online technology firms.

By 2008, I had a thriving consulting business as the woman behind Traceable. Then the financial markets took a nose-dive and everything went quiet, so I decided to go back to school to earn a degree in education. I love learning, so it made sense.

With that additional training and experience, I made the move from e-commerce to e-learning because, at the risk of repeating myself, I love education.

So, why am I not in a classroom?

It’s not that I don’t teach or tutor—I enjoy helping my students. But my other first love has always been writing. So here I am!

And, when I’m not writing for education and learning …

There’s my creative writing (fiction and nonfiction) and photography.

In 2018, I decided it was time to get going on a novel begging to be written, and The Humber School for Writers offered me a great mentorship opportunity with Canadian award-winning author, Diane Schoemperlen. It was there that I won my first award: the Joe Kertes Scholarship for Creative Writing.

The novel is making fantastic progress, and now I’m headed off, metaphorically speaking, to the University of Gloucestershire (UK) to complete a Master’s degree in Creative and Critical Writing in 2020. (They have a great distance program!) There, I will be mentored as I finish my novel—while I also observe and experience new approaches to post-secondary e-learning. It’s a win-win!

One more thing …

We left the city behind to live closer to the forests and lakes of south-central Ontario four short years ago.

Since coming here we’ve witnessed, first hand, the impact we humans can have when we make a choice to either nurture or strip away the natural habitat of the many species still managing to survive.

They are resilient, but only to a point. 

And I have to say, the trees! They are extraordinary, and they quietly do so much to support life on this planet. Their beauty has inspired my photography … and my desire to support them in return. 

That’s why I have committed to funding the planting of one tree for every $100 you pay me, through OneTreePlanted.

Thanks for your time!

Now that you know a little more about me, I would enjoy hearing some of your story as well.

Perhaps you only need me for one or two short pieces, or maybe you have a larger scale initiative to launch.

Either way,

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