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When we want to engage, entertain, and educate, one requirement rises above the rest:

We need the right words.

Are you looking for those words?

Hi, I’m Tracey, the name behind Traceable.

I can help.

Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially with the right words …

Stories help us learn, dream, connect, and remember. 

They’re not only in novels—they’re everywhere and we all live, create, and share our stories in every moment.

You have a story to tell, even as your readers are living their story. When stories connect, it’s magic!

I write to bring stories together.

So, if you need help with your articles, blog, web page copy, advertorials, case studies, e-books, or video/audio scripting …

Learning has finally escaped the classroom!

More people can learn and teach one another than ever before.

It’s exciting … it’s overwhelming … and, more than ever before, it relies on the written word.

I write about learning, for learning.

As a creative writer and professionally trained teacher, I can help you engage your learning customers.

So, if you need help with your educational books/materials, e-learning course development, or e-learning videos …

What People Are Saying

Tracey is the first person I go to for copy editing, proofing and WordPress formatting.
Every job she has done for me has been stellar.

When my sales page wasn’t leading to any sales, her recommended changes made all the difference and I started making sales!

Her ability to find typos is uncanny, almost super human. I highly recommend her for any and all such tasks. (And she’s super nice and fun to work with, too!) 

~Molly Larkin, Best selling author & blogger

Photo of Molly Larkin

Tracey designed a beautiful e-book for me on imagination, which consists of quotes and images. People who sign up for my newsletter get it as a gift. I’ve been getting compliments on that e-book ever since I rolled it out.

~Lindsay Edmunds, Fiction Author

Photo of Lindsay Edmunds

One small tree, growing from granite rock.
© 2019 by Tracey Ormerod

For all they do for us and our planet, it’s simple: we need more trees.

So Traceable is partnering with to help make that happen.

What that means is, for every $100 I receive for any of my services or products, I will donate $1.00 — the cost of planting one tree.

I know it sounds small, but I believe every project begins with one step, one word … or one dollar.

You can read more details on my “Tree page”, or reach out to me.

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