One small tree at a time!
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Why Trees?

These days we’re hearing everyone talk about how dire things are for Earth’s climate. We all know there’s a problem.

A lot of people are asking what they can do to help, or even if they can help. There’s a sense that individual, small changes won’t make much of a difference.

Enter the tree.

I recently read an article quoting an ecologist who suggests that planting 1.2 trillion trees could neutralize CO2 emissions. Basically, it’s about reforesting our planet.

Have you ever taken a walk in a forest, listened to the trees in the wind, studied their intricate support network, smelled their scent, and felt the coolness of forest air on your skin? Now imagine creating more forests, for us and for our planet. 

It’s a simple, natural, beautiful solution!

Dr. Thomas Crowther estimates there are about 3 trillion trees on the planet now, and we have plenty of room for the rest. He claims that if we do it, we could “cancel out the last 10 years of CO2 emissions.”

I Did the Math ...

Based on our current world population, it works out to roughly 159 trees planted per person.

It’s doable!

Does that mean we don’t have to do anything else to help our planet? Of course not! But, while we continue to reduce our negative impact, we can add more beautiful trees.

They're Not Just Beautiful

OneTreePlanted outlines what they call the six pillars that explain why trees are so vital:

  1. They’re natural vacuum cleaners for the air we breathe.
  2. They capture and filter rainwater, removing pollutants and reducing risk of floods, landslides, and erosion.
  3. One tree can provide a home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants.
  4. They provide food and, if sustainably farmed, timber for homes and shelters.
  5. They provide health benefits just by being near them, from stress and anxiety reduction to quicker recovery from illness.
  6. They cool the planet.

What’s not to love?

Trees are awesome!

The more time I spend with them, the more I can see how each one tells its own story, whether it be in the twist of its trunk or the reach of its branches.

So, whenever I can, I get out there and take their picture to show everyone how great they are. (One of my favorites is above.)

That’s also why my company logo is a tree.

And that’s why I’m partnering with OneTreePlanted.

Bottom Line …

For every $100 you pay me for any one of my services or products, I will donate $1.00.


It really is that simple.

They plant trees all over the world, so if you want the donation to go to a particular location, just let me know at the start of our work together.

It’s time to write AND plant some trees! So, when you’re ready …

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