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Below, you’ll find a variety of samples—I hope to keep it interesting. 😀

But, I also want to emphasize what I believe to be my greatest value to you, as your writer: 

Multi-Faceted Knowledge means …

  • I don’t just know how to structure your online course—I know how to creatively engage learners.
  • I don’t just know how to engage learners—I know the technologies that can enhance their experience. And if I don’t know them, I can find them!
  • I don’t just know about technology—I know how to create a product with your business needs in mind.                                                                                                                                     

You Get Multi-Faceted Expertise.

Writing Samples

E-Learning Course Content

Here, you’ll find examples of design and planning materials you might need.

The amount and detail of documentation is dictated by course-specific requirements, which we can talk about before we get started.

Lesson narratives, storyboards, and audio/video scripts are more foundational—you can’t write a course without them.

(Please note: to honor non-disclosure agreements with clients, I have altered content significantly.)

Confidential Client

Course Design Document

Click to view a sample course design document detailing student profiles, inclusion strategies, and orientation activities.
Confidential Client

Detailed Mapping for Complex Curriculum

Click to view a detailed “design-down” curriculum map. For a course with specific expectations that must be met, this type of planning ensures students learn and practice what is needed to meet and exceed them.
Confidential Client

Lesson Narrative & Storyboard

Click to view a Lesson Narrative Summary and the first storyboard that introduces the detailed story flow developed from that summary.
Confidential Client

Audio/Video Script

Click to view a small sample of the script written from the Lesson Narrative & Storyboard shared above. This should give you a rough idea of how one is developed from the other.

Supplementary Materials

Confidential Client

Worksheet Pack

Click to view a small sample of the Worksheet Pack from the Lesson, “Story in Media” shared above. Again, this is to help you see how the materials are developed from a high-level summary down to learner application.

E-Course Workbook

Click to view a small portion of a workbook I edited and designed for Molly Larkin’s e-course, Meditations on the Natural World. In this case, the design included the cover and its elements, though you can provide your own.

Online & Print Content

In the following, you’ll see what I’ve been saying about my experience with diverse niches.

My goal here is to demonstrate how I can adapt my voice and tone to suit your content needs.

Ontario e-Secondary School

Ministry Inspected: What It Means For Your High School Diploma
Ontario e-Secondary School

Midterm Magic: 3 Reasons Why November is the New September
Weller Home & Cottage

Advertorial: “It’s Closing Time”

Click to view a PDF of the clipping. This piece was published in a local paper—The Kawartha Promoter—in early fall, to give cottage owners a checklist of items to consider when closing their property for the winter season.
Desi’s Roofing

A Business Story: “A Family Tradition”
Author Lindsay Edmunds

Website Printable Design—for Email List Sign up

Click to view PDF printable.
The Everything of Books (Former Book Blog)

“Here’s What’s Missing in James Patterson’s Ad”

Click to read PDF of April 2013 blog post.
Quick Brown Fox

The Purchase by Linda Spalding: A Book Review

Guest Post: “It’s Always SMART To Take A Breath”

(Under pen name: T.O. Weller)
Various Service Company Websites

Ghostwriting: Blog Post Copy

Click to read PDF copies of ghostwritten posts published in 2016.

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